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The Guide to the Guild of Nephandi Empty The Guide to the Guild of Nephandi

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Welcome to the Guild of Nephandi -- (look guide)

This guide has been created to make your stay here as pleasant and easy as
possible. There are several topics discussed here.  To read a topic, type LOOK
<number>.  For example, if you wish to read about 'Dark Rituals', type LOOK 6.

                    1.  GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS
                    2.  COURT OF THE NEPHANDI
                    3.  THE SHOP OF DARK DELIGHTS
                    4.  WITHIN THE VASTNESS OF CHAOS
                    5.  THE PLEASURES OF THE FLESH
                    6.  DARK RITUALS
                    7.  TREASURES OF THE NEPHANDI
                    8.  AT THE HEART OF A FORGE
                    9.  ALTAR OF THE WYRM
                    10. ALTAR OF THE WYLD
                    11. ALTAR OF THE WEAVER

(look 1)

These are the general rules for conduct within the Guild.  Any violation
of these rules is grounds for being outcast from the Guild.  If you witness
a violation of these rules, do not begin an argument with the person.  If
you wish to say anything to them, politely remind them of the rule(s) they
are violating and leave it at that.  If the behavior continues, report it
to the Leader, First or Second, and allow them to handle the situation
accordingly.  If the behavior violates a rule of the Realms of Despair, it
may be reported to an Immortal.  We understand that sometimes mistakes
happen, and everyone is entitled to a second chance.

Rules and regulations governing the Guilded Nephandi -- (look 1a)

1)  The primary responsibility of a Guilded Nephandi is to respect and help
    (within their capacity) their fellow Guild members.  Fellow players
    within the Realms should also be treated with respect in the spirit
    of this credo.  However, a little fun every now and then with possess
    and desecrate will be enjoyed and tolerated.
2)  Members will address each other with respect over Guild channels: any
    and all personal attacks and foul language over Guild Channels or at
    Guild recall will not be tolerated.  All personal attacks that are not
    taken in jest and good humor are not to be continued, and under no
    circumstances is foul language permitted.
3)  Guild items and Guild donation items are not to be given, sold, traded
    or auctioned to non-guild members. Nor are guild donation items to be
    used to further one's own personal finances by way of Midas Touch,
    selling or auctioning.

Continued -- (look 1b)

4)  When trading or selling a Guilded character, the original owner must
    post a note announcing the trade/sell on the Guild note board, and must
    have the character outcasted by a leader prior to trading or selling the
5)  There is to be no supplicating of corpses at Guild recall. Members may
    supplicate in any of the other rooms in the Guild.  A suggested room to
    supplicate in is the River of Blood just northwest of recall.  Nothing
    fills a River of Blood like a couple of corpses.
6)  Members are encouraged to attend all Guild general meetings and engage
    in Guild functions.  Remember, the more active our members are, the more
    fun the Guild will be.
7)  Guild members are responsible for keeping abreast of the regulations
    and rules governing the Guild, as ignorance of these guidelines will not
    be a defense if disciplinary action is called for.


This is the recall point for all Guild members.  It is also the central
meeting place for all Guild members to hold general discussions as well
as to form parties.  It is also the place you will go to when you die.


This is the Guild store.  These items are here for use by Guild members.
There are rules regarding the use of these items.  If you are unsure of
these rules, please read 'help guild rules'.  If there are items that you
would like to see in here, or if you have any ideas for new items, please
talk to one of the Leaders about it, as they know how to handle requests
for improvements to the Guild.  The shop is down and west from recall.


A note board has been placed in this room for all Guild members.  Please
feel free to make good use of this board.  It may be used to post notes
with your concerns, questions, requests for information, or with information
that may be of benefit to other Guild members. 


This room holds Uleawyn, our sacred healer.  Please feel free to make use
of this room as needed.

Please do not go link-dead in this room as the program includes you in the
spell cycle and may take away from other Guild members who need the spells

DARK RITUALS -- (look 6)

This room is here for aspiring Guild members to practice new skills and
spells.  The only thing that may not be learned here is languages.  To
learn languages, you must return to the Darkhaven Academy to learn them.


This room is the Guild donation room.  Feel free to take any item that
you need from this room.  You may also drop items in this room for use
by your fellow guild members.  Please put items in the proper container
when doing so.  There are a few rules concerning items left in this room
that we ask you to adhere to:

1.  Please do not take items from this room for use by your non-guilded
    characters or any other player that does not belong to the Guild of
    Nephandi.  Other Guild members have left them here for Guild members.
    Please remember this.
2.  Please do not leave anti-evil items in this room.  This defeats the
    entire purpose of this room, as no one who has access to this room
    will be able to use these items.
3.  If you do tend to leave a lot of items here, check the room regularly
    to see if they have been taken.  If someone has not taken an item that
    you left behind within a reasonable period of time, please sacrifice it.
    The chamber now saves, and this will cause a tremendous amount of spam
    for people if we do not patrol ourselves.


This room is the repair room for the Guild.  Visil repairs the equipment
for all the Guilds in Darkhaven and as such is much better at repairing
than Orun.  He is cheaper as well.  Because this room is shared between
all of the Guilds you must say "return" in order to return to the Guild
of Nephandi headquarters, you will arrive at the recall point.

ALTAR OF THE WYRM -- (look 9)

This room is the room where Nephandi who worship the destruction in life
can come to.  It is one of the three altars in the Guild for one of the
three factions within the Guild.

ALTAR OF THE WYLD -- (look 10)

This room is the room where Nephandi who worship the absolute chaos of
the universe can come to.  It is one of the three altars in the Guild for
one of the three factions within the Guild. 

ALTAR OF THE WEAVER -- (look 11)

This room is the room where Nephandi who value above all else can
come to.  It is one of the three altars in the Guild for one of the three
factions within the Guild.


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